Friday, September 29, 2006

Rundreise: Roma

Italien... Roma... 40 Grad im Schatten. Piazza Navona. Eis! Pizza dünn wie Papier. Via Appia. Katakomben. Foro Romano. Fontana di Trevi. Italiener ;). Pizza aus dem Holzofen. Empanadas. Und mehr mehr mehr.

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Anonymous said...

Robbie!!! I'm still laughing!! There are Trudy and Marta on your blog. But above all I liked the picture of sign handmade by Sara:"Attenti alla gallina" "Beware of the hen"!!!!
Thanx... for everything
Stefania & Co.

Roberto said...

Hi Stefania, I thank you! Mille Grazie :) I wanted to include all family members in the photo ;) How's Trudy doing? Is her leg alright again? I hope so!
Cheers, Robbie

Anonymous said...

Trudy is OK! She told me to say hello to you! and also Marta miss you...;)))
A big hug from all Ganci Family!